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Clarity Consulting Call

Birth chart Reading


Your magick deserves to be seen.

For a long time, I doubted my gifts. I wondered why others could jump into things quickly, without the need for detail and without thinking things through. Why couldn’t I do the same? After a lot of healing and self-reflection I learned that I am not meant to work under high-pressure or at lighting speed. When I have time to observe, gather and reflect I am my most brilliant. Because of my profound to connection to the Earth, and as someone who identifies with the Standing Stone Archetype, it is this nourishing energy that breathes in patience as I am here to hold things together for others. I share this with you to let you know that if for some reason you are unsure about jumping onto a Clarity Call at this time, I’m giving you a gift of a Clarity Assessment to help you along your path. This can be a tool for now and you can also use it repeatedly for different areas of your life. Simply start by taking thirty minutes to an hour to honor your path and the clarity you seek. Answer each question with your intuition. When you complete the assessment you may feel like you did it wrong, but there is no wrong. This is your start. Take time to read through all your answers. How do they make you feel? Use the space at the end of the assessment to gather your thoughts and reflect on this assessment. If there is an area that doesn’t sit right with the direction you want to take, write about that too. If you have trouble answering any of the questions or feel unsure about what they’re saying to you then a Clarity Call is the next step in my process.


In your 90-minute call we will work together to outline what you need most in life right now, what values you hold the highest and any desires that you’ve tucked away out of fear or priority. By the end of the call, we will have identified three moves you can take to becoming clearer on your path with the goal of gaining clarity and freeing up space in your life for a bit of magick.

When you become clear on these things you begin to move toward streamlining your thoughts and actions and shaping the next part of your journey, whether it be in your personal life, a project that’s been stagnant, creative services for your business or even organizing your home life.

So, when you feel ready, book your call and let’s work together to uncover the brightness of your being so it can illuminate the path that awaits you.

you are unsure what to do with your business or home life has you spinning about this is a good place to start. I'm giving you a gift of a Clarity Assessment to help you along your path. If you have trouble answering some or all of the questions, then a Clarity Consulting Call is your best next move. In your 90-minute call we will uncover physical and energetic forces that are blocking you from starting and completing your project or preventing you from taking that bold next step in life. By the end of the call we will have identified three moves you can take to becoming clearer on your path with the goal of gaining clarity and freeing up space in your life for a bit of magick.





Once you're able to confidently fill out the Clarity Assessment we should talk more specifically about your Project, Creative Services, Chaos Clearing and/or Chi Lift needs.


Is BIG, BIG ENERGY telling you that your magick can't wait any longer? I've created a special package just for you!


  • One-on-One Clarity Call

  • Chaos Clearing for your home or office

  • Creative Services Package #3

Self-Investment: $1,777



Full Moon

Creative Services

Hourly  /  $85

Project Rates & Packages Available

Creative Services

Here you are in the right mind-frame to determine how together we can best meet the needs of your creative project. Energy is cycling, and what you've been able to let go of has opened up this beautiful big space for dreams to unfold. This is your space to play, to create and to build. We will use your three moves from your Clarity Call as a focal point for unfurling and becoming. We will focus on the foundations of your business at a level that brings you joy and comfort. If you've already done the work though, and are clear on how I may be able to help you, click below to see the creative services I offer.

Clear Chaos
Lunar Eclipse

Chaos Clearing / Coaching

1 hour Coaching Session  /   $150

Chaos Clearing &

Chi Lift Packages Available

We all need a little help from time to time, yep, all of us. Throughout my marketing and business consulting career, anthropology work and collaborating with friends, colleagues, small business owners, execs and c-suite I've discovered that we all are the same in several aspects of life.


  1. We tend to accumulate "things" over time, whether it be an physical possessions, emotional drain, children, energetic pulls, or a piling of processes and services that don't make sense to us anymore.

  2. We feel the urge to make a shift and then we realize we have no clue how to get there because all these "things" are in the way.

  3. We procrastinate, make excuses and start shoving things in dark corners thinking it might just go away.


I invite you to pause for a moment. What is one thing you haven't done today because something else was in the way? Uh huh? That's just today.


I get nerdy about a few things in life and THIS is  definitely one of them. I have helped over 50 businesses pave the way for their next move, and have helped friends and family in many different capacities, all with the same common goal, to free up space for the next big thing.

If you are on the 3C TRACK (CLARITY > CLEARING > CREATING) our next move is to dive deeper into the three ways we discovred to 

I have developed my own framework to help others and I'm excited to share it with you. 

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